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    Time: 2019-06-22 12:11:13

    From April 25th, Amazon will restrict the sale of charging treasure products. At present, many sellers have been restricted...

    With the rise of e-commerce platforms, China's cross-border e-commerce development has taken off, and electronic products have always been a popular commodity in the cross-border e-commerce industry. This field has also attracted a large number of sellers to stop, and now it is a proper Red Sea category. . However, some sellers said that starting from April 25, Amazon will restrict the sale of charging treasure products, and currently several sellers have been restricted.

    China's charging treasure has been defeated by Amazon due to the lack of UL2056 certification, and it has sounded the alarm for major sellers. Then take a look at the knowledge of UL2056 certification!

    The mobile power source, also known as a portable USB charger or a portable backup battery power source, is an external mobile power supply device for low-voltage electronic products.

    What is UL2056?

    The UL2056 standard is a safety standard introduced by the United States for mobile power terminal products. The UL 2056 standard responds to the global mobile power supply's need for safety standards to protect consumers from personal and property damage, and to reduce the risk of expensive product recycling and brand damage. The requirements of UL2056 cover mobile power terminal products, also known as portable USB chargers or portable backup battery power supplies, which are external mobile power supply devices for low-voltage electronic products. This standard applies to products with a DC power input and output of 60Vdc. However, it does not include products powered by external solar panels or car 12Vdc power ports. The UL2056 certification period is 5-6 weeks.

    UL2056 standard range:

    UL2056 is the standard for mobile power Bank. Commonly used is mobile power for charging mobile phones, tablets, etc., commonly known as "charging treasure."

    The applicable parameters range is as follows:

    1. Enter:

    a. DC input: rated input voltage does not exceed 60Vdc

    b. AC input through in-line structure

    2. Output: rated output voltage does not exceed 60Vdc

    Testing requirements:

    The main tests for mobile power include: electrical testing related to overcharging, short circuit, etc.; mechanical testing for the use process such as drop, extrusion, etc.; detection of input/output current and power capacity; output power overload test and integration Flammability test of PV cells (if applicable), etc.

    Specific requirements that need to be adopted include:

    A. There is no danger of explosion or fire after a single part fails. In recent years, the media has reported many related cases, mainly due to the failure of a single component, resulting in fire, explosion and other dangerous situations. For this reason, UL 2056 standard Emphasis on this requirement is also a confidence and guarantee to help companies provide product safety to consumers.

    B. Materials must be fire resistant

    C. The product labeling, instructions for use, etc. must be clear (mobile power products are directly for consumers, so the product label must be clear)

    D. Avoid accidents with lithium batteries

    UL2056 requirements for internal cells

    Lithium batteries require UL1642 certification

    Nickel batteries require UL2054 certification

    What information is required for mobile power UL2056 certification? What is the process? Please contact the senior engineer for the whole process.

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