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    Korea KC certification - the new standard battery

    Time: 2019-05-21 22:38:16
    Korea KC battery certification new changes
    charger battery
    Recently the new Korean battery certification requirements have been introduced, the new standard KC62133 will replace the old standard K62133, the specific changes are as follows:
    1. Change the content
    2. change content
    1) Changes in electrical safety control rules - Strengthen management of lithium battery packs
    - Deleted lithium battery with energy density below 400wh / L under the terms of the terms
    - Added validity period of 5 years
    - The rated voltage of the product does not exceed AC30V or DC 42V
    2) Standard name change: changed from K62133 to KC62133
    3) increase the test items, such as continuous charge at constant voltage; Free fall;
    4) the number of prototype requirements: the battery core from 30 (25) increased to 43; battery pack from 13 to 21
    5) Data request: The organization accepts the UN38.3 report (not limited to domestic or foreign)
    6) The cost will increase
    7) If the batteries are certified, the IEC version must be the second version
    3. Information required for certification
    1) batteries sample: 65, the battery pack samples: 25
    2) Manufacturer's Specification
    3) manufacturer quality documents
    4) air transport test report
    PS: K62133 cell test report from 2015.09 can not be used
    Shanghai Skylabs has been working closely with the Korean government agencies to interact with each other. It can solve the certification problems for the majority of lithium companies exporting to South Korea, greatly shortening the whole certification application cycle. Shanghai New Horizons vertical days detection (Skylabs) your side of the certification experts