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    The earthquake in Japan push lithium polymer battery manufacturing remove to China

    Time: 2019-05-20 14:39:15

    Japan is the front ranks of the world in lithium polymer battery industry and they own more than 50% of material for lithium polymer battery. Japan has a complete industry chain from upstream of the material to downstream of the material, such as battery pack and circuit design.

    The earthquake touches lithium polymer battery supply for global consumer electronics. Sony and Hitachi’s companies in Fukushima declare some battery manufacturers to stop working. They influence the current battery industry chain. Someone forecast that there will be a big gap of lithium polymer battery this year. But China and Korea have a enough capacity, they will be replace Japan to earn more market.

    Japan economics news report that Panasonic will move more lithium polymer battery production from Japan to China for reducing the labor cost, so that they can keep the max quotient. Panasonic will invest more than USD 300,000,000 for set up a new and large manufacturer and update machines. On schedule, Panasonic wish to reduce cost more than 30% in 2015, and take over 50% of lithium polymer battery output. Right now 80%-90% of lithium polymer batteries made in Japan and the others are made in China.