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    Headquartered in Nanshan, Shenzhen, Shenzhen CTL Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (CTL) is a one-stop service organization specializing in battery testing and inspection.

    Follow the quality policy of “scientific, fair, accurate and efficient”, follow international standards and practices, and national laws and regulations, work under strict procedures, hold a scientific and fair attitude towards all entrusting parties, adhere to the principle of confidentiality, and Provide quality and efficient services.

    Due to the lack of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) design or design considerations during the product design phase, and the market's electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for products are becoming more stringent. In the process of product electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification, some electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) projects are often unable to pass, and in a short period of time, it is necessary to find the root cause of the problem and solve the problem. In response to this problem, Huazheng can provide electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) rectification services to help enterprises solve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems encountered in testing.

    Solve the problem of product electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

    Provide solutions from the source (advantages: low cost. Disadvantages: affect product performance)

    Provide anti-blocking solution (advantages: does not affect product performance. Disadvantages: high cost)

    Provide a batchable solution (combining the above two options)

    Provide a low-cost solution (optimization plan)

    The solution provided fully considers the product schedule, production process, etc. (customized according to the specific situation)

    Rectification service

    Electromagnetic interference (EMI) problem rectification service

    Electromagnetic anti-jamming (EMS) problem rectification service


    China Inspection and Reform

    From the perspective of product system, China Inspection Technology considers the product schematic diagram, PCB and structure in detail, and solves the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problem of the product from the source to ensure fast, efficient, low cost and mass production for the enterprise. The rectification plan to maximize the interests of customers.

    Huazheng customers rectify themselves and China's inspection guidance.

    The China Inspection Engineering will demonstrate the EMC problem from various combinations of laboratory testing techniques and instruments, find the source of the EMC problem of the product, and then analyze the product schematic diagram, PCB, and structure for the customer to listen to, let the customer understand and Solve EMC problems, ensure that enterprises provide fast, efficient, low-cost, mass-produced rectification solutions to maximize customer benefits and allow customers to control product costs and EMC issues.

    Project evaluation

    Understand the problems that the product currently encounters during EMC testing and develop a quotation based on the project evaluation.

    Familiar with product performance, working principle, etc., assess the difficulty of the project, and establish a confidentiality agreement.

    2. Contract signing

    3. Finding the bottom

    Position the product interference source. (If the customer rectification can be demonstrated to the customer)

    Locate the product interference path. (If the customer rectification can be demonstrated to the customer)

    Output mapping and rectification report;

    4. Final verification

    Test the new prototype after the board is changed;

    Cost control of the new prototype after the board is changed;

    Output a final verification test report;

    After sales service

    After the cooperation is completed, the electromagnetic compatibility technology exchange training service for the product is provided free of charge;

    Subsequent entrusted with the China Inspection Technology EMC test cooperation, the test fee will be given a 10% discount;

    Daily telephone and mail EMC consultation; including electromagnetic compatibility certification, design, rectification, etc.;

    Free to China Inspection Company to use spectrum analyzer positioning technology services, our company arranges engineers to give guidance and give advice;

    Rectification case

    Client: A well-known medical device company in Chengdu

    Product: Low temperature plasma sterilizer

    Rectification: Radiation, conduction, but ESD Introduction: The product is a low temperature plasma sterilizer, which will produce high voltage electricity plasma, a three-phase motor produces low temperature, there is also an industrial computer, and there is a card reader, radiation, conduction. There are a lot of over-standards, and EFT and ESD will stop when they interfere. Open the EUT, get the schematic and circuit diagram. Use the test instrument to analyze and find the following problems: 1. The high voltage output of the plasma causes a lot of interference. 2, several signal lines of the industrial computer have relatively large radiation problems. 3 The industrial computer is not grounded. Because the accessories are not produced by the customer, the customer can not complete these accessories, the following processing methods are used: shielding on the plasma high-voltage output line, adding a magnetic ring on the output line of the industrial computer, grounding the iron shell of the industrial computer, in three Phase power input plus filter, add filter to the power input of the plasma high voltage regulator. After testing all EMC projects are qualified.

    Customer: A famous medical equipment company in Shenzhen

    Product: ECG radiation

    Rectification: ESD, EFT test computer data will be interrupted, after the computer software will die. Introduction: is a notebook with ECG machine, is USB power supply and communication, software processing on the laptop, because the customer instructions to use at home, so After CLASSB, the test found that the radiation, ESD, EFT can not pass. Seeing the radiation data, the data is the frequency multiplication of USB communication, so the radiation problem is classified into USB cable and USB port processing, then the USB cable is replaced by a good one, and the magnetic ring is added at both ends of the EUT and the PC. The radiation is measured. But ESD, EFT is still the same computer communication will be interrupted, the software will crash. After using the signal to detect, the crystal signal of the USB communication module of the electrocardiograph is very sensitive, and then the TVS tube is added to the crystal signal, and the problem is solved.